I currently operate under the Cottage Food Law, therefore I must personally deliver the food to my customer. Preorders are made online and delivered with a fee in the San Antonio, TX local area.

Nutrient-Dense Readymade Foods

"For every product purchased, you are helping the mission of supplying healthy foods at low prices to our local grocery stores."


Nutrition Label

Finally a corn tortilla that is GOOD for our body! This nutrient-dense tortilla is loaded with 2g of Fiber, 2g of Protein, and has a low Carbohydrate count of 9g.

Precise Ingredients to meet our needs

The ingredients used were chosen to meet specific dietary needs. The average American person does not get enough fiber in their diet. Elderly, have a hard time getting enough protein and we all definitely consume too many carbohydrates in our diet. The combination of the ingredients used (golden flaxseed, chia seeds) enabled this tortilla to become a "superfood" on a staple food that some of us use on a daily basis.

Even the bags that hold the tortillas are an eco-friendly choice offering 100% compostable packaging! : )

Health is when we make small changes to increase nutrition and these tortillas allow us to do just that.

Gluten-free, Vegan friendly

All the ingredients used are gluten-free and no animal products are used. There are no additives or chemicals added. (the ingredients used are not labeled as gluten-free, as it is possible for cross-contact to occur during the manufacturing process.)

Even though our product is not organic yet, I am working hard and heading that direction. My goal is to provide the best ingredients for our health.

Corn is definitely a grain that has been genetically modified in many countries including the United States. My goal is to ultimately have an organic corn flour to reduce the possible health effects.


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My Inspiration

The Golden Flaxseed Corn Tortilla was created with a health transformation in mind. In trying to aid my father to increase his health, enhance his weight loss, maintain his diabetes and decrease the medications he was on, this nutrient-dense tortilla was born.

Within one month of switching his diet from regular corn to the flaxseed corn tortillas, his doctor officially removed his diabetic medication. He lost two pounds and felt astonishingly better. Even though I can't say that these tortillas can take 100% of the credit, I do know for certain that the new nutrients of the flaxseed, chia seeds and lower carbohydrates in his diet definitely played a major role.